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Turkey day tomorrow

So tomorrow is thanks giving and a wee bit nervous cuz I’ll be presenting a little less cis then I use too around family I’m not exactly close to so I’m gonna be on edge but hopefully it’s all good and if ur one of the many that does it may you have a safe one and those who don’t partake in the holiday I’m sure we will all eat enough for you all -cristy


That’s really great! As long as you’re happy and being yourself then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, right? I’m sure your family will see how happy it makes you and be happy too.

Have a great day!


Our holiday is very atypical. We haven’t had turkey for many years. We just don’t do meat. Therefore, it’s best for us to stay home and do our own thing. We might do a bit of video chatting though.


Update today was pretty shitty in all honesty no one talked to me and my brother unless we said something first cuz my dad ain’t with us anymore so no one wants to talk to his step son and trans daughter me and my brother were fucking miserable everyone got on our nerves they are all so fucking fake I’d of been better off home alone with my cat it sucks to feel like a outcast from your own family then again I always have been for that side of the family they see me and my brother as fuck ups unlike their perfect kids who go to good school and attend church it’s all bullshit - grumpy cristy


I have to wonder who is better off, the family members who accept themselves as outcasts, or the “perfect ones,” who must continually struggle to appear perfect, while feeling like imposters. Also, I seriously doubt that all is peaceful in “perfect” families, when they are behind closed doors.

I considered that being an outcast from my family was a distinct honor. Fitting in with my family would be an embarrassment. It’s easier for an outcast to gain wisdom than it is for those who pretend to fit in to the dominant social group. Hopefully, you and your brother can talk to each other, and also have others who are supportive of you as well. Of course, you always have us.

Those who stand apart from the social mob, usually see things more clearly, and under the right circumstances, become leaders.

And that feeling seems to be a huge part of the great American tradition of Thanksgiving. It has to be much worse these days, due to our political polarization. I read the other day, that a tribe of Native Americans have designated Thanksgiving as a day of mourning.

I think in a lot of cases, being miserable at a Thanksgiving gathering, is a sign of good mental health. As they approach a hundred years of age, some people figure out how to remain emotionally detached from the negativity and at the same time maintain a loving and generous heart.