Turns out i am not bipolar

I was in the hospital almost 2 weeks on the adult phsycatric wing and i voluntarily had admitted myself…found out i have BPD and Major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder with panic but i just it’s too much. It’s not fair i know life is not fair. However this? This is taking it too far. Why me? All i want is too be happy…but nope…this is not fair.


Even tho you don’t like your diagnosis (who does?), it’s good to know and with the right treatments, all of it can be managed.

BPD is the most treatable of the personality disorders. Look into DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). It was designed to treat BPD specifically and it works. I’m in the program right now and I’m really learning a lot.

I also have MDD and with meds and talk therapy, it can be managed. Anxiety Disorder can also be managed with meds and or relaxation and breathing techniques.

You’re not a lost cause and there is hope for you. You are worthy and valuable.


Hey @Fallen_angel,

No it’s not fair. It’s not fair to have to deal with things that affect our quality of life everyday. Your heart craves for life, wants joy, but there are things at play that also make you feel limited. How you feel is absolutely valid and receiving a diagnosis of any kind can be a real shock. It’s okay to feel worried and sad about it. Somehow, there is a part of grief to go through when we are faced with adversity.

I promise you that none of your diagnosis contradict the possibility for you to be happy in this life. It’s a matter of learning to cope, little by little and with the right help. At first, you will learn to educate yourself about each of those things so you can understand more how it works and how it affects your personally. It will also be a way to see that your conditions don’t define you, but happen to be a part of your story. You will build resilience and feel hope again by learning ways to cope with your symptoms, by receiving proper help too. When we fracture a foot, we learn to walk again and eventually go through some reeducation. It forces us to be patient. It’s the same here. Little by little, you will learn to cope and what helps you personally, with the knowledge of what is interfering with your life, and all of this combined will help you feel more in control of your life.

There is hope, friend. It’s a journey in itself and you will need to be patient with yourself. You’re not less than you were before learning about your diagnosis. This is intimidating, but it can also be turned into an opportunity for you to help yourself even better than before. Take your time to digest those news, with also trying to keep in mind that not a full stop for you. It holds the potential of more healing for you.

I hope you will make sure to seek proper help and support whenever you’d feel ready. Being progressively equipped regarding those conditions is going to be a very strong backbone that you will build for your life. It’s worth it. You are worth it.

Sending hugs your way. :hrtlegolove:


Hello Fallen_angel
A diagnosis like that can be a real kick in the head. I understand how you feel. It is unfair and it hurts I know. The good thing is that now that you know whats wrong you can work on those things. Slowly and at your own pace. Dont rush it. It will take time and it is going to be hard, however it is doable. You truly have a lot on your table and I am sorry that there is so many things to deal with for you. I know a lot of people who have it really bad and sometimes that causes me to downplay my own problems and hardships. Dont do that. It is ok to grief what you have lost and cry. It is ok to feel sad. Just dont let it destroy you. We will be there for you when you need support. Just ask for it ok. I hope things will get better for you :heart:


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