TW! Is it concidered sexual abuse?

Tw i get into a lil bit of detail. Im trying to figure out if it was sexual abuse

Im trying to understand everything that happened with my ex bf jacen. I remember i said yes but when he went to stick it in it hurt and i think i recall saying stop but he had said something along the lines think you can handle it all the way in and so i said yes. But i cant recall how i felt in the moment. I cant remember details cus its a blurr. So idek if i have my facts striaght but im pretty sure that last part is what went down. Either way im not going to report him but i wanna underestand what happened i cant handle what happened. Its really getting to me but i dont wanna call it sexual abuse if it wasn’t. I dont know if it was or not.

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I’m pretty sure that yes, your experience was sexual abuse. I’m not very good at explaining stuff but this article will probably help you better than I can: Was it rape? Thinking about consent and unwanted sex | Power to Decide

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Thank you that link helped alot.

Yeah I agree, that sounds like sexual abuse. I highly suggest talking to someone about what happened. That’s a heavy thing to deal with. Even when you can’t remember the details, the feelings are still there and need to be given the space to be processed.

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