TW: Potential Eating Disorder

I’m falling into that familiar old habit of starving myself and then binge eating. It’s not even because of my body image. I’m just too depressed to eat and then I stress-eat while having a panic attack. :frowning:


I feel this, when I fall into depression I lose my entire appetite, sometimes going days without eating. It is hard to break out of. What works for me a lot of the times is trying to stay active, working out and running are usually my go too 's. I drink protein shakes so I’m getting some kind of nutrition. Meditating helps me out a lot too. If it gets too serious I would definitely seek out a doctor, to help in anyway they can.

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I actually went on my exercise bike earlier and I try to meditate every morning! Protein shakes probably wouldn’t work for me though because I’m a picky eater.


That’s great with the exercise bike and meditation, those are some great steps to take, a lot of times exercise will help with my appetite too. If you don’t think you can handle protein shakes, maybe something like a lite snack.

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