TW self harm

Last night and this morning I did it again, I’m not really sure why tbh, but I think I just wanted another cut, so I cut my hand, just the back of my hand, so now I have 2 there. I have band-aids, covering one of my cuts on my hand and 3 band-aids in total on my arms. I kinda look like I got beat up, or like I beat someone up.


Hey @brokenglass,

I’m so sorry for all the pain you’ve been through, and are going through. You don’t deserve any harm. You deserve to be safe. I’ve read your different posts lately, and given your situation at home especially, it makes sense to feel how you feel. But I want you to know that how you are treated by your parents is not your fault. Maybe it feels normal to you at this pount, but you don’t deserve to be hurt in any way. I’m sending lots and lots of hugs your way. Thinking of you, friend. :hrtlegolove:


Hey @brokenglass , @taylorpalmby dedicated a song to you during her stream!

Hold fast


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