TW: suicidal thoughts

From Badhound: theres no point in trying to dissuade me, I have several lined up and I am going to try all of them at once, but I am trying to see if there are ones that are more painful so that my agony isnt lengthened. I dont have access to a firearm so thats not an option

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From math: <@757927186257674270> yes there is, what’s bothering you so much that you want to end it?

From Rohini_868: hi there, one way to try is to do things radically different in your life. One way to “end it” is by changing what you think the options are. Feeling isolated? go out and talk to your family, friends, teachers, therapist. Feel like no-one gets you? Keep talking about yourself and your struggles until someone listens.

You have a choice here, and it’s certainly not about methods. I hear that you’re hurting, and you’re reaching out, this is an excellent step.

Why not share with us what else is going on with you? what’s hurting you right now? What are you trying to escape?

We will not be providing you with a choice of ways to harm yourself. Your life is valuable and you matter, and what we WILL do is work with you to get you to see that you are loved and valued in this community.

You’re reached out here, you have seen that people care, and want to listen. so share your story with us, share your pain here. this is a safe spot for you. You don’t want to hurt anymore, I get that. Let’s see how we can support you. you matter. Stay with us, and let us help support you, friend

From Micro: Hey <@757927186257674270>,

Thank you for being here today, especially in the midst of feeling so much pain. For what it’s worth from a stranger, I’ve been in your position – seeking ways to end it all, and hopefully ones that wouldn’t be too painful, because living felt like pure agony that couldn’t be carried on. It makes sense to feel like there isn’t any other option left when it seems like hope is just gone. Although you are here today, you’ve somehow opened up about the fact that life hasn’t been treating you well, and you are in a safe place to share your story, to share what brought you here, and what has been causing so much to you. I’d like to encourage you to make the best of your presence here, by considering connecting with us, with people who care and are willing to listen as well as to stand by your side, without having to hurt yourself. You’ve known enough pain. You deserve now to feel loved and to care for yourself, as much as possible. I’d love to hear more about you and your story.

I’m rooting for you.

  • PS: If you are not safe right now, please consider using these <#423176381141090304> as well. Even if it feels useless or pointless, you don’t have to stay alone right now.