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I was Diagnosed with Cancerous Tumors on My Knee, and ever since I’ve been depressed and Nobody cares, they tell me they wish it would kill me


I’m very sorry that you are facing this health challenge. I just had a cancer removed from the side of my face, and three more from the top of my head. It appears that I might be cancer free now.

It’s appalling that someone would wish that your cancer would kill you. That is psychopathic behavior, and quite unusual as well.

Somebody cares about you, and in all probability, many people do. Certainly there are people here who care. My impression is that you are currently in a situation that includes surprisingly dysfunctional people. You need to find support outside of your current circumstances.

Maybe this can help:


That… is horrid. Anyone who wants you to die of cancer are practically --------- diseases themselves! No one deserves cancer! Cancer should just cease to exist. Sadly, to put it in my mother’s wise words, should be don’t mean it is. You don’t deserve cancer, you don’t deserve to die! These people are just bleeping foul-mouthed jerks who need to get outta your life.


Hey there @Twoguys1couch_Fans ,

I am sorry that you are handling this health issue. Cancer sucks. No one deserves to have cancer, to die from it, or have people in their life telling them that they wish it would kill them.

We care for you here and if you ever need to talk, please talk away. HeartSupport also has a discord server that you are more then welcome to be a member of.

<3, Zephirah / Andrea

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hi @Twoguys1couch_Fans ,

i’m so sorry about your diagnosis. receiving this kind of news is not easy on anyone and i hope you have been able to take some time to yourself to decompress from the understandable weight this all has put on you.

i agree with everything @Wings shared. when it comes to the people that told you they wish the cancer would kill you, those are NOT the people to have in your life, whether it’s through cancer or just daily life in general. i want you to have a support system that raises you up instead of cheering on the cancer to win this fight. so to those people that showed no care for you, my one wish is for you to exchange them for people that do. cancer support groups are a specific and life-changing group you can lean on and i hope you can look into them!

i also know that whether it’s family, close friends, or even your heartsupport community, there are so many people that do care. you deserve to be surrounded with love and support and anything less is not the energy you need right now.

we will get through this together, my friend, your heartsupport community is behind you fully. as you continue on in this journey, through oncology appointments, tests, and treatments, please know that you have a home here on this forum to vent your emotions and need someone to lean on. you are so loved, so valued, and so appreciated, @Twoguys1couch_Fans .



I’m so sorry about your cancer diagnosis. It’s so tough to hear something like that, and you do not deserve to fight this battle alone.

I want to tell you that if you feel alone, you can always come talk to us about anything you might want to get off your chest, and even if it’s not much, I hope we can provide you with that sense of support and friendship that you need to pull through this tough time.

You deserve so many good things. I’m sorry life hasn’t been very kind to you recently. But at the very least, you can be kind to yourself. Depression is no joke and often, it makes people deny themselves the care they need. Please take care of yourself, physically and mentally.

We’re all here for you and we want to see you happy and healthy. I think you’re incredibly strong for dealing with the hardships that life’s thrown at you.

You’re a soldier and I wish you all the best :} <3


From: Solaire (Discord)

Wow. That sounds like an incredibly dark and lonely space…It is UNFAIR No one deserves to be treated that way… It makes total sense to me why you would feel depressed… I believe in you.


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