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Today, I felt like I wasn’t good enough to even get out of bed and do simple things. I feel like the world is out to get me. I am not accomplishing anything towards to personal growth, my stream growth, or my growth at work. And when I try hard, I always seem to fail, or my actions are never good enough.

Hey there! You’re NOT alone. Im sorry youre feeling this way.

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I am sorry you feel your worth is just going down the drain. I to sometimes feel this way but I take the small things and find those that are positive. Then I grow on that and start stacking them before I know it I have a ton of things that I realized i was not seeing before. Find the small positives in life that push you forward.

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Morgan Hochstetler
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Hey Twoguys1couch_Fans,
Thanks for posting. Everyday when I get out of bed, I start the day by making my bed. Making it perfect. Doing it well, a little win for the day. It may seem like a meaningless task, but it’s your first productive thing you can do for the day. It sets me up for a productive day. Grab all the low hanging fruit you can. Little goals. Little wins.
I hope this helps.

Growth isn’t usually consistent, and often depends on things we can’t control. Focusing on small successes helps when most things seem to be falling appart, and not finding that one piece of progress is really heavy on the mind. When everything seems to be falling appart, remember there’s people who care about you. Bad days won’t last forever.