Twoguys1couch Fan #6

I am not feeling myself. I feel alone all the time and I am just tired of it. No one wants to hang out or be with me.

Hey @Twoguys1couch_Fans. I’m sorry you feel this way. You know we’re always here to listen. Maybe it’s the quarantine with the COVID-19 going around making you feel this way. Just remember it’s temporary, and you won’t always feel like this. Maybe you could pick up a new hobby or study a famous city to keep your mind off things?

Hold Fast. :slightly_smiling_face:

Such a brutal feeling to be in this place where you /want/ to be connected and feel like your life is mostly spent alone…it feels like because no one is moving towards you / expressing a desire to be with you that the implied message is – there’s something wrong with you, you’re not worth my time, I don’t like you. And those are really brutal messages to stomach, to feel like your whole world is upside down because everything you thought was certain is no longer that way…It can be such a brutal thing to feel like you’ve got to try to figure out again – am I really worthy of love? Do I really have friends? When maybe in the past it felt like both of those were “yes”. And then to have to wake up every morning to that feeling, that your day is going to be spent alone, and go to sleep knowing that you’re going to have to wake up to that feeling…it’s gnawing at your constitution, and you feel exhausted by it.