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My family disowned me because of me going to the hospital to deal with stuff

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Dang. I am really sorry to hear that. You deserve healing and freedom from whatever you are facing. There is no shame in going to the hospital to get help.

How are you handling the stress of it all?

I’m not really Handling the stress. I’ve been on the verge of relapse with self harm. I’m so close to getting myself admitted to the hospital for it.

@CarolynIsAFallenAnge Can you tell me specifically what is going on?

So, I Was recently diagnosed with Epilepsy. Me and my mother had gotten into a fight the day after I told her my diagnosis, and she got physical. Hit me in the left side of my head 25 times. At that point, I called the police because I feared she may do worse. When everything was said and done they escorted her off of the property, and took me to the Emergency room. When I got out, I had a bunch of missed calls and texts from my family saying I was dead to them, and how could I do that to my mother? So I have No family left because she lied and said I beat the crap out of her, when it was the other way around

That is really tough. I hope you know that you don’t deserve that and your life matters. You are loved more than you know. I hope your family comes around, but seek people such as friends who are willing to walk with you in this and support you. You deserve community and you deserve safe spaces. Are you in any danger still?

She has not returned home since the incident. So currently not in any danger from her. Currently in Medical distress though, but not wanting to call an ambulance or Emergency medical services

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I am sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner. Remember there is no shame in going to a hospital if you really need the help. They only want to help you. You are so worthy of healing.

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