Uh love I guess?

Hi all. So this kid likes me right and I told him I might like him back idk I’m tryna figure it out still. He’s sweet when he wants to be and nice but and I know this is such a dumb reason but he’s 2 years younger than me and I also in the past thought of him as like a little brother.

Yesterday night I told him I think I might like him. And now he like says ily and that’s nice and all but I still don’t know if I feel the same way and if I don’t? I don’t wanna hurt him. When he first told Me he liked me I told him i thought of him as a little brother so now what do I do? I’m afraid I don’t like him like that and it sounds mean and shallow but he’s not like super hot and I don’t need him to be but I feel like a jerk saying that. And again the age thing rn is just throwing me off but I don’t want to be like “oh haha jk idk if I like u like u like me soooo friends?”

So yeah :)) any advice is appreciated



Also i think you should tell him your not sure how you feel rn and u don’t wanna start anything yet if your not sure. You should tell him tho that you wanna be friends for now. I mean if you want you can tell him about the age thing and again how you see him like a little brother. idk if this helps but you should definitly tell him soon cuz he might either catch more feelings or think you have some for him too. But thats my opinion i just hope it all goes well!