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Uhh relapsing? i guess


I keep self harming and shit and i keep getting ill cause i cant fuckijg look after myslef snd im so psranoid and everyrhing is too much im stressed out constsntly i almost had a panic attack in one of my clases todsy and almost had a mental breakdown in two everyrhings way too fuckinf much I literally am so far on the edge of just fuckign committinf incsnt go anthing right evetone i know is mad at me constantly im a fukcing cunr im fsiling everyrhing how the fuck do people deal with rhisni just wanna be haopy and not as dysohoric and shit


Hey friend,
I’m really sorry you’re going through so much right now. I can see how hard this is. But you’re gonna get through this. You’re stronger than you realize. You’ve made it through every hard day up until now and you can keep making it. You’re not alone. Please keep holding on.


You’ve got this. Try drawing pictures on your body instead of self harming. I know it can be so hard. Even though it’s hard to see right now, I promise there will be light on the other side of this darkness. Hold fast.


Can you explain the part about you can’t look after yourself? Also the part about being overwhelmed? I want to help but tbh these two mentions are really vague.


I hate to see you in so much pain . And reaching out is a good sign maybe you should not put so much weight on your shoulder untill you know you and work with it . Just take it one day at a time . You are a survivor and we need you to keep fighting