Uhm i mean nothing to anyone and wanna die

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The reason to keep living is that you still have a parent and some grandparents, and they still love you, and that you care enough to feel bad about others deaths is enough to prove that you are worth it.

but im not, people say they care but i can just tell deep down they dont, there is seriously no point in life anymore, i honestly dont even think i got out of bed in 3 days

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Doesn’t your family love you!!???

Hey! First of all welcome to the community. We are so happy to have you here. I am super sorry to hear your dad passed away at such a young age and you have gone through so much death. It is horrible to go through. I have gone through a few deaths in the past year and it is an absolutely gut wrenching experience. Horribly sorry about your best friend too. Friend, while you are dealing with so much grief and loss it is normal to feel hopeless. I get that feeling. Whats important is you dont act on those feelings. I dont know you but I BELIEVE your story is not over yet. There is so much more for you beyond this. Make sure you reach out to talk about how you are feelin ( like you have done on here which is great : ) and focus on some self care. Self care goes a long way. Please stay strong and hang on. It gets better. I am not going to tell you ‘time heals, it eventually wont hurt anymore’
Because thats a lie. However please just take life day by day. Focus on getting yourself through the day and be kind to yourself <3

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nope, not one bit and thats part of the reason why i dont wanna live

i mean i guess but like i just dont see why i couldnt have been the one that died instead of him (my friend) he was the one that stopped me, then had the nerve to do it himself a week later, like im honestly so done

nvm fuck it sorry for wasting your time :confused:

Hey you aren’t wasting my time, I care about you and I want to help you, but I can’t think of anything to say to save you from suicide because I wouldn’t want to die if my best friend died and my family didn’t love me, too.

Im so so sorry about that. I have been suicidal myself and have friends who have been/ are suicidal. Such an awful feeling. Have you been in therapy at all? ( ps if you like, you can private message me too )

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