Unlovable mess

what’s wrong with me that i’m so unlovable? why is it impossible for anybody to just care about me… everyone i meet is just passing by in my life and nobody ever cares. nobody ever cares enough to stay and even try to care about or love me. i just want to be loved by somebody. any fucking body. and it just won’t ever happen. no matter what anyone says to me, i just feel like it won’t ever happen. it’s not even romantically that i want to be loved. platonic is enough at this point… just… something… please


Lots of people here love you! You are’t unlovable! There’s only one unlovable , which is evil, and it’s not you! Even if you aren’t very pretty or handsome or nice! You’re not unlovable!
Even if you are not all good! You have some good, or else you wouldn’t even be here!
I know you matter! If you take up your pain and use it to help others, you will find love!
You are a good person and we here love you!


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