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Unsure What to Do

My aunt and uncle have officially moved into my room… I’ve moved into my sister’s room…

I’ve hardly gotten much time to myself ever since they moved into my room because my sister is in her room most of the day and it’s basically bedtime by the time she’s out of her room. A few times I am able to get time to myself but it seems to be close to bedtime, and I wish I had some time in the morning to get some “me time”. I’m stressed and unsure what to do. I know I should talk to my sister about times when I want some time to myself in the room but I’m unsure how to approach it…


Aww, very sorry friend. I know this has been a difficult process for you as you adapt and merge into a shared space. And It’s probably hard to know how to approach it, but, it probably will feel really good to talk to your sister about maybe trying to work together on making some ‘me’ time for both of you.

She’s your sister, so you probably could be really casual. I really hope you guys are able to figure that out friend. So you can have some relief there and time to just relax.


Thanks <3 Once we get more settled into the situation, I’ll try to talk to her.


You got this friend! My DM are open to you

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