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Untold Compound Grief and Mental/Emotional Stress

Untold Compound Grief and Mental/Emotional Stress. How do I cope with the the unbearable? How do I stop bad things happening to me? How do I take back control of my mind, emotions, body and life?

There only so much we can handle, so sometime you just got to take one step at a time. Coming of list of coping skill will help. Make as many as possible, if one does work try the next one. Check out DBT or CBT skills on youtube. And mental health videos too.

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My problems and repeated bereavements griefs go way beyond standard CBT therapy alas

I know the feeling, Im been recovering from self harm and it first year of doing it. I have relsepse a bunch of times and the thing recovery not easy or perfection. It is a work progress and take time. But dont give up, there solutions to these problems. Remeber you are not alone and their people here I do care about you.

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Also try maybe yoga, meditions does come along way and regardness it good excise for the body and mind.

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