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Update: 1 month clean and going strong(?)

Hesitant to call this a success story because its far from over, but I guess any success is a story worth sharing. Last month I first reached out on the support wall about my addiction to porn, and since then I’ve managed to stay completely clean. The urges still come, and sometimes they get stronger, but thanks to the encouragement, love and support of this community, I’ve been able to hold fast and remember your words. It’s truly a daily stuggle, but this to me feels like a real milestone and worth noting as a true right start to my growth journey. Keeping busy moving this past month seemed to help keep me occupied, and with school starting this week I’m hoping it’ll do the same. But I don’t know if I’ll be stong enough when times get harder or slow, and I feel drawn back to that dark place in my mind where I can’t think clearly. Even still, I’m blessed to have this community that I can be 100% open and honest with, without fear of judgement or condemnation of my failures, but rather how to grow from failure and come out stronger than ever. I know this is only the beginning of my journey, and this will definitely not be my last post here, but I’m looking forward to continuing to grow in faith, and in strength. God bless, and thank you for believing in me.


Hey @Jakey ,
progress is always progress. We will relapse but we will always fight these urges. I am SO glad you are 1 hole month clean , with many more to come . WE love you and we will support you no matter what!
congrats on being one year clean.


Hey good to to hear if I’m completely honest I suffer from some of the same problems and am trying to get over it

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Hey, that’s really great! All addictions come with heavy challenges but you’re doing good! I’m proud of you for reaching out and allowing us to be a support system for you. Continue to make goals for yourself and just take each day one at a time. You’ve got this friend! I believe in you!

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