Update about the car accident

I previously made a post about getting into a “car accident” last week when the weather was shit.

My dad said that he will pay the damages. I am not sure if the insurance pays for her damages but he volunteered to pay her.

The repair cost is nearly $2000 my dad wants me to give him $600 which is over my pay and I won’t be able to get my phone bill paid or see my counselor which is badly need to see because I am still not taking it well and my suicidal ideation returned in the worst way.

I am at my wits end…I just want to kill myself now.

Times like this are a reminder why I hate my dad and why I refuse to take care of him when he gets old and cripple

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Hey BlackCatAnnie,
Is there any way your dad would agree to payments. Tell him you want to pay, but that you really cannot pay it all at once without extreme difficulty. If he ask what, tell him you have other bills that need to be paid. (true story)
You can get through this, but you must be calm, so breath, and while you breath think only of the air and how it enters and leaves your body. Breath deeply several times to help calm you. Peace

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My sister told me the same thing. I will tell him, it’s just at the heat of the moment I was so nervous I said yes.

Explain that to him too. You get to be nervous, when you’re nervous. :heart:

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