Update from last post: I'm so hurt

Okay so here’s this again

Mango = my now ex-friend
Apple = Her shitty bf

I’m having a horrible night. I got to talk to Mango and we argued for a good 20 minutes I think. It is now confirmed that she was in fact dangerously jealous of me and I’m heartbroken over the fact. She said the nastiest things and was acting like I committed a crime just for existing.

It’s horrible knowing jealousy just destroyed our friendship. Found out from another friend that she was calling me his “night girlfriend” cause Apple often stays up late and talks to me when she’s asleep. But I never really saw it as anything more than us two just chatting. Plus he’s always talking about how much he loves her when she’s not around so I really don’t get it.

During the whole argument, he was down playing how stressful this situation was and even started making jokes, that little shithead.

I’m really sad it had to end that way and she was in complete denial about being insecure too.

I almost cried tonight over this cause I really loved her a lot.

She said she wanted nothing to do with me and that stung really bad. She said she was gonna block me so I did it before she did. I felt bad about that cause I got caught up in my ego and I wanted to be the one that was in control I guess.

I’m gonna stay away from Apple too. He’s kind of an asshole.

Due to the amount of stress I’m shaking so much right and I just lit a scented candle so I can calm down.

Lost another good friend but I still have one left. He’s been extremely kind and comforted me after the fight. He helped me get the closure I was looking for which was that she was in fact jealous of me. Even though she got defensive and refused to explain when she was mad at me. He got the answer from Apple.

I think that’s all…


Hello Amaris :slightly_smiling_face:
Just came from your last post and discovered there was an update. I am so sorry the situation turned out the way it but again, none of it was your fault. You were blamed for something that you just had nothing to do with by a jelaus friend that is angry at the world and is looking for someone to blame. Apple is an idiot too. I think mango might come back and apologise once she comes to her sences and it is up to you if you want to accept that apology if it comes. I am so glad that you did not have to go through the whole situation alone and that you had another friend be there for you and comfort you when you needed it. I hope you two will continue being great friends :wink:.


Hey @Amaris,

I’m so very sorry that things ended up that way. Through your words, we can feel much this has been an unexpected and uncontrolled storm just thrown at your face suddenly. It must be a real shock to you. I hope you can soothe yourself and use coping mechanisms that would bring peace to your heart, even if it’s only temporary.

None of what happened was your fault. It is heartbreaking and unfortunate, but it really is about Mango’s insecurities, somehow combined with Apple’s shady behavior - he seemed to have tested Mango and her own insecurities over and over. The context there was unhealthy. In the middle of it, you’ve become the easy target, the one outside of their relationship so they wouldn’t have to face their own issues. It is so sad when that is how people react, even though it’s still some very human reactions too.

She said she was gonna block me so I did it before she did. I felt bad about that cause I got caught up in my ego and I wanted to be the one that was in control I guess.

You did what you could and felt the need to do at the time. Wanting control, even just a little bit of it, when a lot of sh*t is thrown at you without having a say on it, is absolutely valid and understandable. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Blocking her first simply shows how hurt you’ve been because of all of this.

I’m so very grateful for this friend who comforted you after the fight. It’s so precious to have people in our life who can be safe and grounding to us.

I promise you that you are not alone either as we will keep being by your side through it all. Take it easy today. Keep using the scented candles as you need. People also shared over time a handful of precious resources in this community, including for anxiety and stress. Maybe some of them could be worth checking out: 📚 Collaborative List of Resources - An easy way to help others! - #4 by Micro

You are loved so much, Amaris. None of what happened defines you. It truly is a series of unfortunate events, misinterpretation and, somehow, denial on the part of Mango & Apple. I hope they will learn to grow and face their own issues in the future, so it doesn’t keep impacting people around them in such a hurtful way.


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