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*UPDATE* I don't feel numb anymore. Good things

I have found what I think is the truth about God through scripture, haha a friend of mine who is a talented artist gave me information and verses. This is the only thing in this life that seems real.
I’ve been in the book of John, Roman’s and James in that order the past few days. The way that Jesus interacts with people and reveals himself is different than people. What makes him so interesting is the fact that he says to love others like it’s an important thing. Makes me wonder.

I thought I was a goner to be honest. Finding God I have found a reason to live. But I’ve been taking small steps. I have to find a church that isn’t like a cult lol.

I was brought near to death was thinking about taking my life but reading the Bible on the Bible app just put me at a halt

If I can give so much of my burdens to God and continue to do so every day then there is freedom to come.


I am so glad to hear that you’re feeling so good! God reveals himself to people at the right times in a variety of ways. This is a great story, and I want to thank you for sharing it. I personally believe that all the strife in the world comes down to people not “loving thy neighbor,” but instead using the Bible to denigrate others with different backgrounds, viewpoints, lifestyles, and identities. It’s amazing how, if you read enough of the Bible consecutively, you see the same simple themes repeated over and over in a way that only makes sense.

Finding God is a HUGE step! From there, your faith journey is yours alone, with no benchmarks or time limits to meet. Take all the small steps you need to, and ask questions. There’s an element of surrender in faith, but blind faith without question isn’t the answer either. As for the church…that’s a tough one. I found one I like, but it took a long time, and there were several years I didn’t even attempt to go to church. As much as they may try to tell you otherwise, churches are run by flawed humans, with their own viewpoints and agendas, even if they mean well. I wish you luck in your search.


I would just like to say that I was so happy to read this and this comes from a Non believer strangley. I am always so pleased when I hear that anyone finds a reason that helps give them an understanding and some peace of mind. I am so delighted for you and I truly hope the further down this road you get the happier you become.
I wish nothing for you but the best
Lisa :heart: