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Update on Kiera

Hiya. I wanted to make this separate from my other threads as I feel they have lived out their purpose and I wanted to still give updates about Kiera.

We went to visit her for a couple hours today and got some good news for once. First, she passed her newborn hearing test. Second, they have reintroduced bottle feeding to her routine and, even though they had had her on a continuous tube feed before, she was able to drink an oz of formula by mouth yesterday as well as today while we were there. And she didn’t throw up although she did gag a few times.

This is great progress. I’m hoping she continues like this. We might actually be able to bring her home at some point.


Ohh, that’s wonderful news! She sounds like she is getting stronger, that must make you feel way better.


Thats amazing Sapphire :wink:! Keira is such a brave girl. I am so glad that everything is going so well. :slightly_smiling_face:


We went and saw Kiera today. She is still behind on her bottle feeds and hasn’t gained weight for a few days now. They are going to have another specialist look at her. However. They did say that it may be a possibility that they send her home with a feeding tube, which, if that’s what it takes I’m ok with that. I just want her home. We can figure it out from there. And they said the tube wouldn’t be permanent and is fairly common.

They also said on days we visit Kiera cries a lot less. At least we know she recognizes us and enjoys our company.


That is some good news. I love the facts that she likes when you are around :slightly_smiling_face:. I hope you will be all together and home soon.


Yea. I’m glad we make a difference in her life even if we can’t be there all the time.


So we talked to another doctor today and she thinks that Kiera was less than 37 weeks when we did the c-section, and was actually 35 weeks. This would mean she was 5 weeks early instead of 3 which would class her as pre-term. The doctors are going to monitor her until she is 42 weeks gestational age before probably giving her a G tube so we can finally take her home, assuming she hasn’t taken to the bottle by then. Assuming she was 35 weeks when she was delivered, that would make her 38 weeks today, which means in another month at most we should have a far better idea of when she will be coming home. They did do an MRI and it came back normal so the doctors can’t find anything wrong with her. Next step is an in depth chromosomal test and the g tube.


Thank you so much for the updates, @Sapphire. Once again I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel for you to be both so close yet so distant with your little one. Still another month gives another perspective, something tangible to hold on to. Although I would imagine that it can be incredibly frustrating to have to wait for so long too. It’s generally helpful to have a real perspective in mind as it makes the waiting more bearable. Still it is unfair and surely a journey of its own.

Kiera is such a little warrior already. It sounds that she is in good hands too. I hope you manage to take care of you, even if it means to literally do nothing. We will keep standing with you through this. I have so much faith in you, your family and your little girl.

Hold Fast, friend. :hrtlegolove:


Hello all.

I finally got some good news today. Kiera has gone more than 24 hrs now without throwing up which is awesome. They have her up to 75ml of formula per feeding now, usually through the tube still but she has managed over the past few days to bottle feed up to 50ml of formula which is also a new high for her. She is still not where she needs to be but these are amazing steps toward her getting better.

As for me, the iron supplement my pcp gave me has almost eliminated my dizzy spells. We are transitioning me off of my blood pressure meds and back onto the ones I took before I was pregnant. Currently withdrawing from the old meds… looking forward to that being over. But things finally seem to be looking up.

I think the increase in my Sertraline is also helping my PPD because I’m feeling a lot less anxious when we go to the NICU and I look forward to seeing Kiera and holding her now rather than being anxious.


Those are such good updates! I’m glad things are starting to look up, and that you’re feeling better too!


Thanks for the update, so glad that there have been good progress for you both!!


Thank you @SheetMetalHead and @Sita. I really needed the good news.


This is so good to hear, @Sapphire. Both for Kiera and you! I hope the withdrawal effects will be over soon as well. You got this. Both of you. :hrtlegolove:

Thank you so much for these updates.


Of course.

Got another update. The doctors are going to talk to a surgeon on Monday to have a G tube placed. She will be home in 2 to 3 weeks.


Thats some good news. Finaly Kiera will be home. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed. It will be nice to see her without all the hospital wires and cords attached.


She will be home in 2 to 3 weeks.

Here’s to a tangible perspective to look forward to. Obstacles are more manageable when at least there’s a real perspective to hold on to.

Hope these 2-3 weeks are going to happen very fast! This reunion and being all at home is going to be such an amazing moment! :hrtlegolove:


I agree, I can’t wait.

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Kiera was just taken back for surgery. It should take about 2 hours.


The surgery went well. Waiting to see her now.

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