Update on life

Hi all.

It has been some time since Ive been here so I just wanted to drop in and update everybody, for those interested.

My husband got a raise and is working 4 day weeks now. Because of the raise he will still make roughly the same amount of money working only 4 days. Kiera is finally warming up to him. I had worried that she would grow up not recognizing him.

Kiera is slowly gaining weight. She still has not thrown up for quite a while now so she seems to be in the clear on that front. She is still very interested in real food and lacks interest in formula/the bottle.

Yesterday I co-hosted a training session at work. It went a lot better than I thought it would, but Ive also had my Sertraline dosage increased twice. So I guess whether its the anxiety overall getting better or the Sertraline, something is working.

Next weekend we’re going to Jurrasic Quest as a family outing. I hope Kiera like it. We went for the first time last year when I was pregnany with her.

Anyways, I think thats about it. Everything seems to be steadily calming down, just busy as usual. Dont think I forgot about you all.


You had a rough start with motherhood, but it seems like you are getting more confident and relaxed now. It shows how great of a Mother you are and will be to your precious daughter.

I’m so proud of your daughter for being so strong!


Thank you for the good news! Congratulations! We’re here for you.


Hello Sapphire,
thank you very much for sharing your journey with us. You are doing very good.
Kiera is in very good hands, she will grow well and also you. You did recently. Be proud.
Enjoy, you deserve it.
Have a nice day and feel hugged my friend,

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