Update on my life

Recently life was ok for a while, but this last week has hit me so hard. I had a close friend for over a year and a half that I asked out and she said no. It hurt, but what hurts worse is that she won’t talk to me now. I told her it was fine and that we could be friends still and she agreed, but when I confronted her about her not talking to me anymore she said she was stepping back from things and isn’t talking to others as much. I hope it’s the truth but I doubt it, she hasn’t talked to me and I’m so worried that I don’t have her anymore. The same thing happened a year ago and it messed me up so bad I had just recently gotten over it, and now the cycle restarts. I started counseling with a pastor and it has helped a little bit. What I think my parents don’t understand is that I need medical help I think. I can’t go a day without feeling just anxious or feeling like I’m just so much less of a person than others. I see how people have good friendships and relationships. I wish I could have that so much. I miss my friend dearly and hope she will talk to me soon. I think I will ask my parents if I can see a doctor to see if I can get more help. I hate asking but I’m not stable and I’m trying so hard to not make an outburst. I just feel pressure.


Hey there @Fuzziestofponds I’m sorry about your friend, I’ve been through that before and it sucks a lot. If she said that she’s stepping back from other people maybe you should reach out and make sure she’s doing okay because withdrawling from things could be a sign that she’s going through something herself. It’s important and really good that you’ve already started some form of counseling, that’s a great first step. I’m proud of you for asking for help, it’s not an easy thing to do and I really hope that your parents understand and help you get the help you want and deserve. Hold fast friend.

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