Update on my school problems

Everyone, who read my older posts might know, how I struggled with going to school and even stopped going completely for about half a year.
But, today was my second day back! I did it, I went back to school. I’m really proud of myself and I actually feel a little more comfortable by now and barely felt any panic over the past two days.



Conquering something that fears us, or holds us back is an incredible victory, and you SHOULD feel so proud of that victory!! I’m proud of you, and I celebrate you!! That is so awesome. Stay strong, and know that there is always hope, and things can and will get better. There will always be struggles and obstacles in life, unfortunately, that’s just part of the journey, but you have proven how strong and determined you are. Know how awesome that is, and know that because you’re working through the hard- you’ll be able to pull others out of their hard, too. :hearts:

Well done!!! What a wonderful update! Although I do not know you personally, just know that I am proud of you. The world needs more people like you-- people who keep trying. I am sure there will be difficult times ahead, but know that you are a fighter and will come out on top if you keep trying.

wow girl congratulations.
i dropped school too …
it made me so nervous and i am taking the lessons on my own and i’m so happy for you …
keep going :heart_eyes: