Update on recent events

So I feel really silly coming on here again. I can’t really express how I feel. All I know is I am finally coming apart from all the pain that has happened in the last few weeks. So I feel a little less trapped. I still feel trapped like something isn’t right. I feel like I have put my hurt aside to fix others problems. So there wasn’t a safe place for everything came out. Apart from here. My hands are so shaky right now its crazy. This is the lowest part though I found out my uncle just died today. I thought it was yesterday but it was today. I kinda was like a bombshell to me. I was close but not close at the same time. Ummm my thoughts are all jumbled up at the moment and I am shaken up by the news. I will probably be for a couple of weeks I guess. I felt like I have been going through hell with this. I honestly feel like my lie is serious of unfortunate events. Sorry if it makes no sense at the moment.


Hey friend. Don’t feel silly. Come here as often as you want - that’s why it’s here. I’m sorry for your loss - take the time you need to grieve. Don’t rush it, it hurts but it’s not healthy to ignore it. This will always be a safe place for you - along with the HeartSupport streams and discord. Keep fighting, hold on to the hope that’s in the first part of you post.

Hold fast

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Losing a love one is damaging. Finding a way to cope with it or to manage it even more so difficult to accomplish. Sometimes it is sharing what you feel with others or just time or some other means. It is still damaging.
I hope you find closure.

Thank you. I guess each day gets easier. I am so happy I found this place. It like a safe haven for mt emotional trauma. I am pretty sure I will feel better but at the moment it just seems like I won’t because it’s still fresh. It is just annoying that I have no control over my emotions at the moment. And that I feel so lonely going through this pain even though I am not.

Thanks for your support

Carolyn ,
i am so sorry you had a family member pass away , we love you . just know we are here for you. just know if you need to take a day to focus on yourself do so, your health is important.

Hey Friend,

Just want to say I’m glad you’re here. Definitely sorry for your loss. Take your time with grieving. It’s not something that can be forced, or rushed, and its different for everyone. There are no hard and fast rules with that. If you need us, we’re here, if you need some time you unpack your head and just need to be heard, we’re here. We got you.

I definitely get looking out for others to the point you put yourself to the side, but bear in mind something someone once told me “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” if we spend all of our time pouring out that milk of human kindness without refilling ourselves, then we run the risk of not having anything left.

In this, looking after oneself is the same as looking after others, because that cup must be refilled from time to time, or else we have nothing left internally to give. So if posting is how you fill the cup, I’m glad we can help.

Stand Tall, Be Strong, and Hold Fast.

Hey @Carolyn88,

I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle. I’m sure he was a wonderful man, and he’s in a pretty awesome place right now. He wouldn’t want you to feel low. Grieving in a process - unfortunately you won’t feel better over night, but you’ll definitely feel better in time if you take the proper, healthy steps in the right direct to heal and become better than before. Keep in close contact with your loved ones; don’t isolate yourself. Community is important, especially when you’re going through a really rough time. You’re strong. You got this. We believe in you!


Sorry for the news about your uncle. I hope you have a lot of really good memories of him. The shock and loss is normal- allow yourself to grieve and remember his life. Maybe think about the things he’s said or would tell you know and want you to take from his advice. Take care!

@Carolyn88 here is our reply from our live stream:


Uh I am really touched you chose this. It was a really good and helpful advice. Thank you so much.

Thqnkyou every one for the support. I was kinda over whelmed by the amount of people I responding. I was also kinda scared and nervous too. I really appreciate everything alot. It brings me a little happiness in this dark time.