Update on the baby

My husband and I went for our ~20 week anatomy ultrasound and they determined I’m having a girl. We decided at the beginning of the pregnancy that if we had a girl we would name her Kiera (pronounced Keera).

Kiera is 15 oz which is right where she should weigh at this point in the pregnancy. Her organs look to be developing at the rate they should, her heart beat is good. She also has minimal chances of developing chromosomal disorders per my quad screen blood test.

After the ultrasound I felt very drained, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m not positive what exactly was the draining part of the day - I hadn’t had a lot to eat but hadn’t gone that long between meals. We visited my husband’s coworkers to share the news (for those not familiar with my history, I have Social Phobia and am hyper empathetic and so generally being around people drains me pretty fast). But, I think the ultrasound itself weighed heavy on me. Not in a bad way, don’t get me wrong.

Up to this point I had wanted a boy but wasn’t bothered that we are having a girl. It explains why my morning sickness was so bad. But also. I kind of have to change my processing from thinking about this little boy that I thought I would have to now being informed that I’m having a girl.

We also got to see (most of) her face, which is a weird feeling. She looks like me from what I was able to see and we saw all the little organs and bones and stuff. It makes it all the more real that I really do have this tiny human developing and constantly kicking me lol. It was just all very surreal for me, especially considering our first pregnancy failed and my husband has always wanted a child and I’m already in my 30s. So my husband can have the child he’s always wanted (he never had a preferred gender) and I have a chance to prove to myself that I am a better person than my abusers and can treat Kiera the way a child deserves to be treated.

I have heard that children inherit their intelligence from their mother, which is exciting. I have always been a fast learner and learning has always been very satisfying for me. I like to see children develop interests and learn. Also I listen to a lot of Low Roar and Nine Inch Nails which apparently she can hear so hopefully she likes that sort of thing lol.

Anyway, it was a lot to take in yesterday and I was very tired for the rest of the day and was glad I took the day off work. According to my tracker I’m going into week 24 which is technically 3rd trimester so only a little way to go now. We went to some baby stores yesterday but I didn’t want to buy anything while I was so drained. I realized I have no idea what I want to buy. Like I know the necessities we need but as far as what I actually want to buy? No idea.

But yea, there’s the update for those interested. My head is clearer today but still kind of in a surreal state.


I know this is a thing, but omg when I was pregnant with my son… I threw up every single day for I don’t remember how long (it was 30yrs ago lol) and when I was pregnant with my daughter (rest in peace my love) I hardly got sick at all.

I was so careful not to have loud music or noises around because their ears are delicate and I didn’t want to hurt them (I may have gone over board with that). I ate very well and took care of myself. I did have an unhealthy addiction to otter pops tho, but I think it was better than pickles and ice cream lol.

I remember all the kicking too. I would sit in my recliner chair with my feet up and put the TV controller on my belly. My son would kick so hard, the controller would get knocked off lol.

When he kicked I would grab the hand of whoever was near me and let them feel. Once, I was at work and my son started to kick and I grabbed a young man’s hand (It was ok, we were friends lol) and placed it on my tummy. He felt my son kick and it was the first time he has ever felt such a thing… he cried. It was beautiful.

I loved being pregnant, but loosing my 2nd baby because of a miscarriage messed me up pretty bad and we never tried again. I wish I had and I think you both are very brave and trusting to try again.

This was just all rambling, but you brought back some memories I wanted to share. I hope you have good ones too. :hrtlegolove:


From: Zephirah (Discord)

Hey there Sapphire, So from what I am reading it sounds as if everything is good with the baby thus far. No real complications and no results pointing to anything genetic that will cause the little one any future health issues. From what I can tell from reading is that you are anxious on being a mom. That is ok to feel that way but I also see that you are doing the best you can with what you have. I watch a youtuber by the name of colleen ballinger and she is in her 3rd trimester with twins (boy and a girl) - she is also nervous because twins, and she is having her first girl. Human bodies are wild. It is so great we can carry other humans in our bodies. You seem like you are going to do fine and we will always be here for you! <3 you very much Zeph


From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hi Friend, Thank you for your post, That all sounds so positive and exciting for you, I am so pleased all went well and a baby girl is such a gift for you. I wonder being drained has come from being fearful of finding out something bad? tensions and stress is exhausting and once you knew all was well you could relax and maybe that was when the tiredness hit?? That and the fact that your body is making another human being, thats enough to make anyone tired. It must have been fantastic to see your little girl on the monitor and now you get to relax and look forward to her arrival. I wish you all the very best for the future. Please keep in touch. Much Love Lisa. x


This may be on the right track. I was pretty anxious and ready to learn the gender. We were originally supposed to learn the gender almost 3 weeks earlier but the doctors can’t decide how far along they think I am. It was pretty disappointing for myself and my husband for the reveal to be delayed

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