Update on the counselling

I finally have an appointment to an counseling im finding out more tonight about im so happy to finally be getting the help i need waited two weeks for it which i’m glad it only took that long an not months


Yaaay! This is so awesome! I’m so happy for you. It’s been such a long time that you have been trying to get some more solid and regular help. This is going to be the beginning of a new and certainly positive journey for you. Keep us updated – if that is okay for you! :hrtlegolove:


I’m so so so happy for you. I really hope you can find peace of mind and progress in counseling. It’s always worth it and it’s always great to just spill everything that’s on your mind. So happy for you


i’m going to, i have my first appointment on the 4th of october


Hi Horselover,
that are some very good news. That is really fantastic.
You do good can be proud of yourself, that is an important step and a difficult one.
And you do it.
Feel hugged and enjoy your day,

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