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Things have been slowly getting better, i talked to 1 of my support people about thoughts which it did help i got told to tell them if i am going to attempt that we can avoid me doing it as much as they can. My eating has been getting a lot worse again i was able to eat for about 2 weeks an i can now not take down any food without throwing it up. My support people are still trying to decide what to do about my mom since of the threatening, verbal/mental abuse i’ve been dealing with her for the past 2+ years now. there trying to avoid calling Child protective services on me because they know i’ve had to deal with a few times in the past couple years because of my mom. i also figured out that with cutting my hair now short it’s been helping me stop one of my addictions i have from my anxiety


There are medications and some natural things you can do that can help with the nausea. Lemon, mint, chamomile, and ginger are helpful. A decent multivitamin or vitamin B6 might help.

If you’re regularly exposed to verbal abuse, it’s having an effect on your confidence and self-esteem, unless you’ve placed an emotional wall between yourself and your mother. I guess you need to consider what you have to lose or gain by getting CPS involved. How does your appetite feel when you’re away from the emotional abuse?


My appetite is normally a lot better when i’m away from the emotional abuse


Well done for reaching out about your suicidal thoughts and planning ahead some ways to support yourself, with the support of your friend, for when you find yourself in this dark spot. It’s a very strong way to stay safe and prevent yourself from having to think too much when you are struggling - which you don’t need when you are overwhelmed already.

Regarding your mom and the possibility of a report to CPS, may I ask how you feel about it? It is objectively wrong to be subjected to your mom’s emotional abuse. Though I would imagine that the perspective of getting helped could be a bit scary too.


I feel like ok about it but i’m scared about it at the same time. Just cps scars me a lot because of being an native person since we don’t normally get treated kindly at places


That is completely understandable. I don’t know where it is where you live when someone is taken care of by those services. Though I’d hope and want to believe that people working there are as dedicated as possible.

It’s good to hear that a part of you is okay with this as well. It’s a real sign of bravery there. :hrtlegolove:

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