Updates about my last 2 posts

Hello everyone, I want to preface this by thanking you all for your support the last 2 threads. It has been a great help to me.

Let me start by updating you guys on my last 2 posts. Starting with the first.
I feel more confident in the fact that I can find my passion, but I just need more self reflection and effort toward that. As per the endless cycle of wake, internet, and sleep; while it still happens I’ve been trying to cut back on it. Doing things like reading, texting friends, and the like, but finding a hobby is still something I struggle with. Things with my family haven’t got much better, but I find that I worry less about whether we are distant or not.

As per the second, we have a few things to go through. School has not gotten any better. It still sucks. We have a new teacher who has very lgbt-phobic views, and the administration does not listen to its students. The homework is always too much and the teachers never communicate. Despite all of this, I still get up and do whats required of me, its interesting to see how far one thinks they can go, then their body and mind proves them wrong by going 5 more miles. I still miss the people that left, but I made up with them and we acknowledged the fact that our relationship is distant but that we’d be there for each-other if we ever wanted to have a talk. As per my old classmates, I still want to get close to them, but find little room to do so. The only opportunity to connect with them is either break time or through text messaging, and I cannot get myself to do either. I know my time is limited and I still lament the fact that I’d maybe never see them again after I graduate. Moving on to my classmates, I have gotten familiar and comfortable with them, I just feel like I could be included more.

That is mostly it, so far it has been the same and sometimes better in some regards. Thank you for reading.


From: ManekiNeko

thank you for sharing this update with us, it’s wonderful to see that some things have been progressing. There’s so many hobbies out there it’s sometimes hard to find the right ones. Sometimes I find new ones to try and decide I’ll do one or two in a month and if I like it awesome, and if not then that’s okay, it was something fun and distracting and new. I’m sorry to hear that things haven’t improved with your family, but the fact you’re not as worried about that sounds like it’s been progress.
you have been making strides and it’s okay to give yourself a break. The fact that your new teacher doesn’t sound very pleasant and that the students haven’t been heard is so hard. I do commend those that are speaking up though. The more the voices get heard the harder they are to ignore. I hope that you have a break over the Christmas period and have some time to unwind and allow yourself to either connect with those classmates or experience a new hobby. Take care of yourself