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Ups and downs

Today felt ok yesterday me and my brother drove up to st Louis to get my new glasses the. We had sushi and walked around the near by sculpture park we had a good day and then this morning I woke up and helped clean the house and stuff I been thinking of playing a solo journaling role playing games cuz I feel like that would be fun but I also been struggling with those dark thoughts u know the ones where ur brain wonders what it’s like to put it hand on a sizzling skillet or hold ur hand under near boiling water or ur snakes heat lamp my self harm ocd really likes being a pain sometimes hopefully tomorrow I can get a shower get dishes done and keep calm I try not to think about going outside anymore or look at my scooter I know that that could lead me down a bad path but I’m just trying to manage the steps I take in getting better I figure those will seem safer when they are ready to be tackled I’ve never had issues leaving the house when appointments are to be had or the aforementioned glasses but other then those two things it scares the hell outta me I’m gonna try to also link some pictures I took at the art park also


That sounds like a productive and enjoyable day, @Derpplup , despite the dark thoughts. OCD can be really scary at times, especially if it implies self-harm, but it seems that you’ve managed to focus on the things that needed to be done and having a great tme with your brother. The thoughts are there and can be overwhelming, yet you manage to keep control over it and know when things might be safe or not for you. Well done! And thank you so much for sharing these updates. The pictures are really cool! It’s nice to share a part of your day with you. :blush:

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