Vanished without a trace

My adult daughter, my only child, left yesterday with my only grandchild. Saturday was normal. Happy conversation, everyday life. Sunday the uhaul showed up. And my entire world vanished without a trace. Wouldn’t tell me why or where they were going. After they left, I found her cellphone. It was wiped. Tried her husband’s phone. No luck. Blocked on social media. Contacted his mom, they had already cut her and the family off too. So worried about the grandbaby. Wondering how I could pour all of my love into my child, and in return get someone who could be so cruel and two-faced. Was the whole relationship I thought we had a lie? I realized I dont even know her, therefore a stranger took off with my grandbaby. Tried to bury myself into work, but couldn’t stop crying. I dont know how to deal with so much pain of all kinds and from every angle all at once. She hurt me. So I guess in her mind she wins. And they left behind so much stuff. The only thing they said to me was “you can take the rest to goodwill.” I feel like I am cleaning out the house after someone died. No goodbye, no hug, no see you later, no I love you. And I can’t even know why.

Hey @Anhar,

I’m so, so sorry to hear what you’re going through. I can’t even imagine the pain you must be experiencing right now, essentially losing both a daughter and a grandchild. Surely there must be another way to attempt to contact her - through email maybe? I would recommend for you to send her an email detailing how you feel and the sadness you’re experiencing; that way, you’re putting the ball in her court and it’s up to her to make the next move. Forgiveness can be a huge monster to tackle too, but learning to forgive is more about setting yourself free than it is about the other person. I sincerely hope things turn around for you. Please keep us updated!

Hold fast.