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Various Types of Self-Harm


I’ve always thought that Self-Harm was something I didn’t understand, nor had any personal experience of, yet I’ve recently realised that I am emotionally and spiritually Self-Harming myself by staying indoors far too much and making various excuses for not getting out and going to church meetings and other events/classes, etc. Even when I stay in, I can turn to the wrong distractions on the internet and this usually happens late in the evening, when I’ve been frustrated and depressed at being alone for so long week after week and month after month.


Hi Chardonnay!

I’m really happy that you were able to realize that what you are doing by separating yourself from others isn’t healthy. Self harm does come in different forms. I think the first step to fixing those harmful habits is just realizing what we are doing isn’t healthy. Maybe what can help is making plans with friends or family and asking them to keep you accountable to go out and not isolate yourself.
Much love,


Thank you, Cassie x (says my post must be at least twenty characters, so here we go… Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Felix the Cat… oh, I guess they didn’t mean quite that!)



I’m so sorry you’re suffering from this, but I’m so glad that you realize it and now can take action to try and get better at handling it.
I know how very hard it can be when you have a lot of strew on your plate. I would suggest reaching out to those you trust to help hold you accountable for getting out the house, going to class, etc.
hold fast, friend,
Hannah Presley


Hi friend, thanks for sharing.

As you said, there are different way to harm one-self and isolating too much is one of them. Some use porn, some use physical punishment, but distractions won’t help in the long way.

One thing I’d like to point out - you said this happens more often at late night. And it’s normal. People are more alone at that time and it’s easy to concentrate on the things we don’t have rather than be thankful on those we have. When this happens, ask a friend out, reach out to someone, or do something creative. There is a lot of better stuff to do than surfing the internet. Shut your phone off and live.

Love you ╳


thank you, Hannah… what is “strew”, please?


Thank you, Frap. Yes, isolation and porn have been two of my biggest problems.

I have decided to write a book on Christian doctrine and practice and how is has diverged over the centuries from the New Testament teachings.


Masturbation isn’t harmful - as long as it’s done properly. Masturbating too much isn’t good and doing it because you’re alone/bored has no point. It’s ok to be horny, but try to keep it balanced.

It’s a very good thing that you’re reading! Do that more often. I strongly suggest downloading an app called the Bible, in which you can find lots of reading plans based on what you need



Thank you for reaching out, my friend. You won’t do this habit forever. It will take time to overcome. God is with you and He is here for you. He loves you.


thanks, guys.

My main point was about not going out and meeting new people.



What do you want to do?


Get out more and meet new people and find a church I can be happy at.


First off, I’m sorry you are struggling with this.
Secondly, know that you are not alone. This is something I really battle with.
It’s too easy to withdraw from everything and everyone. It can be so hard to find that motivation to push ourselves to get out and do the things we know we should do.
Like I was telling someone else, just be gentle with yourself, but also set small realistic achievable goals that you can work on.
If you have someone that you can trust that you can reach out to, that you could feel comfortable being out and about with, maybe they can help motivate you and take you somewhere that would be okay for you. Whether just to go walk around a park and absorb some fresh air and sunshine, or something like a quiet coffee shop or cafe. Or even window shopping in your favorite shops.
I know that even that can be hard. Especially if you don’t have someone locally available to you. I hope that you will be able to find the strength and courage to do what you need so that you can feel better and healthier. Know that you have friends here that care.

Much love to you.


Thank you very much, Koyangi.

I went out today to the grocery store and vets. I felt exhausted (mostly due to oversleeping), but I felt some sense of accomplishment and can now have a cup of tea and treat both of my cats for mites and ticks…


That’s great to hear! :heart:


hey man
I know Its may safe to be in your house and i know can it hard to go out in the world. Also the weather may not be the best or depends on area where you live. However, everyone has to take baby steps, Start out just walking in your neighborhood for 5 minutes. Also, like go to store to get an snack or a drink. if you could, try to take an nature walk for an hours, evenly you able to leave your house easier and be relax