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I don’t feel like any group accepts me or actively wants me to be a part of it. I always feel like an outsider and that people only tolerate me.

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You are not alone. You are loved and cared for. People do accept you, but you just haven’t found the right bunch of people for you in your current circumstances. Believe in yourself, you can do this!

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I feel that way sometimes too. You can join HeartSupport’s Twitch channel for the live stream, chat with others, and share the love. Also, they have a Discord too. You can go there to chat with others, and not feel alone. We (HS) will do our best to care for you.

You belong, you are an amazing person just being yourself. The more that you are yourself the more people will be able to relate and take confort in your company. I am always a bit awkward to others but I have found being true to myself was how I found acceptance.

hey friend,
I’m sorry you’re going through this. this community loves you and is here for you. you are strong and important.

I felt the same way through most of my life through college even though I went to a “party school”. A few years ago I got a job and moved to the city after with 0 friends and most weekends were spent playing games and hanging online. I joined Meetup and found a board game group. I eventually found a group of peers that were very similar to me and it awakened me and inspired me to get back all the years of social life I lost. I ended up making a lot of friends because I finally found a group of people that were like me. I was just looking in the wrong places. Fast forward a couple more years and I now have 20 - 30 people over at my house for game nights and it has been absolutely life changing.