Vent on school

In 1st and 2nd year (equivalent to 7th grade(?) And 8th grade(?) I think) I was put in a class with new people since we made the change to secondary school from primary. I didnt get along with the majority of them. They called me names daily actively tried to not include me in groupchat and other things theyd do together, make fun of me and other shit. They would take photos of me and send them to their class group chat or make fun of me in kahoot names. One even tried TRIPPING me down the stairs. I hated it and felt suicidal af for 3rd year I finally worked up the courage to ask to move classes after I made a bunch of friends in another one. I even told the teachers that they werent nice, had a panic attack in front of some cause I was put in a room with the ones that tried trippint me down the stairs on a school trip and more. I’m in 4th year now and I’ve been put back into a similar class filled with the people that made life hell for me in 1dt and 2md year. It’s only 4 or 5 months in and I’ve already been once again excluded from groupchats and other stuff, been made fun of, had a piece of the literal floor thrown at me twice causing me to bleed heard homophobic and transphobic slurs and racist comments has to watch them laugh at videos of rape scenes in movies and more. I’ve asked to move classes for months saying that being in this one makes me anxious not wanting to come to school and more and even though there was even numbers of people that wanted to move in each class since there wasnt room in the other class for more students we were told we could swap. They then refused to swap us. For months until there was no longer an even number that wanted to swap. Wr were then told it had been too long and that we coukdnt move anymore even if they got an even number. We asked day 1 if we could move my parents went in fir multiple meetings upon meetings but now it’s too late all of a sudden. I cant even get up in the morning anymore. I fight my parentals every single morning to try and stay home from school cause I’m scared I’ll hesr them debate whether my gender is valid or not or hear them say the f slur or get something thrown at me again. Theres only 3 people I get along with and only 1 is a close friend. The thought of going back makes me want to cry



I’m sorry your past few years of school is not great. Those kids don’t understand you. They will learn their lessons. You are a special person. This community loves you. God loves you. Do not tolerate that type of behavior. You are strong. Keep reaching out for help.

Hi there HjObTsDvOG

I’m really sorry to hear you’re dealing with this, you absolutely deserve significantly better treatment from your classmates, and the school themselves.

The most important thing in this situation is your own safety. I suppose I don’t quite know the context or history here, but are there way you can distance yourself from these people, or refuse to interact with them? In what ways are you forced to listen to their bigotry, or these videos from movies? Is there a way you could prevent yourself getting singled out?

As unfortunate as it is that people find themselves in these situations, it’s exceedingly important that you put your safety before anything else. You can always make friends in the future, you can always express who you are later in life, but being in a constant unsafe situation can do serious, longlasting, and even potentially irreparable damage.

My recommendation is not to engage, emotionally, mentally, or physically with these bullies. Their goal is to get a rise out of you, and if you give them any emotional response at all, that’s what they’re looking for. If you close yourself off from this and give them nothing, they will first increase their tactics to try and get a rise, but eventually will realize you’re “no more fun” and move on to pick someone else. I know it can be really difficult, I’ve been bullied, and I was somewhat friends with someone who was consistently being purposefully aggravated for a response, these things just aren’t as simple as they sound in text.

In the end, what you’re experiencing now doesn’t define who you are. These struggles aren’t your personality, because there’s so much more to who you are! The bullies have no idea, nor any input on your identity, or your quality as a person. Remember that you matter, you’re valuable, and those things can’t be taken away from you, by anyone, ever.

Keep talking to your parents, your school counselors, your teachers, any adult you can about this. You never know who might be able to help, or who might know someone who can help.

Stay strong friend, you can make it through this!


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