Vent: Possible ADHD and School

I really am hitting a wall here. Life events keep going back and forth which has been pretty common for me.

I just KNOW that in the summer I’ll hit the ground running and take off. I’ll have more independence. Just right now I want to give up on this class. I would take a credit recovery in May if I fail. It’s just so hard to focus. When I turn 18 in May I’m going to seriously talk to my doctor about the possibility of ADHD and going on meds. I’m not too sure if that’s the issue though.

Things are totally better for me despite not being picture perfect as I thought it was. My big predicament is not failing this last minute online class. I don’t want to overextend myself.


Hi OMAMfan
It very good that you are trying to seek help and that you are trying to figure out your limits. I cant help you with the desicion regarding your class but it seems like you have given it a lot of thought so I think you will make the right call. I am glad that things are better for you at least a bit and I hope they will continue to get better :wink:

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Thank you Ashwell :slight_smile:

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Hey OMAMfan,
I’ve been there before. Not with ADHD issues exactly but with struggling through classes. What has helped me in the past was going to my professor and explaining what’s up and they were able to help me through the course. It seems though that you have a solid plan in place and I wish you all the best! Don’t be worried about talking with your teacher. They won’t know you need help unless you ask. Anyways, thanks for posting and good luck! I hope things work out for the best for ya once May comes. :smiley:

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