From okamilord: Im gonna be honest i feel mentally dead like nothing right will happen and i hate the feeling and the nostalgia of the past i see and it feels like nothing is gonna be the same again…


It can be nice to reflect on good memories. When we do, we tend to forget the things about that time which weren’t so pleasant. It’s typical to think of the “good old days” from our childhood. Circumstances in reality, may have been better or worse than we remember, but it’s easy to remember things as better because as children, we were protected from having to worry about a lot of things.

Nothing will be the same again because it’s impossible, yet it’s entirely possible to have very similar experiences or create new ones that might actually be better. One very important aspect about the “good old days,” is that they happened while you were fully engaged in what was happening at that time, present moment to present moment.

It’s impossible to create “good old days” if you are preoccupied with the past or the future. It’s only possible to create precious memories in the present moment. Too much nostalgia is a trap. It can create a self fulfilling prophecy of negative expectations.

Trust your self to have the ability to create pleasant moments right here and now.

From okamilord: Your right to whoever said this thanks a lot tbh idk if ima ever fade my feelings of wanting to go back fully but it does help give me an explanation more on how im feeling and how to solvenit

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