Venting about suicide

I just really want to die. I don’t see any point in continuing. I just really want to fucking die and not be here anymore.

Killing yourself won’t really make anything better. It will just end everything for you. It’s not your fault for wanting to commit suicide, depression isn’t a choice. I think you should talk to a counselor or a therapist. He/She might help you.

Hi @Megadave020 it sounds like you are in a really tough spot right now, and I noticed you posted before too. I am so sorry you are dealing with these thoughts right now, and I want you to be safe.
I’d like to see if you could reach out to a crisis line:

If this isn’t something you would like to do, I would urge you to consider letting a close friend or member of your family know, who can make you feel safe.

If there is any way we can support you better, or if sharing your story would make you feel better, we are here for you and want you to be well, friend. :hrtlegolove: