Venting because it's needed or whatever this is

Tomorrow is Kingsday, which means a national holiday. Not everything will be open tomorrow and my phone’s battery decided to swell up. Of course, I immediately turned it off and I’m not going to turn it back on again. I can’t afford a new phone at the moment, so it needs to go to the repair shop. But it’s a holiday tomorrow and I’m pretty sure a REPAIR shop isn’t going to be open on a day that they don’t need to be because they’re not going to have a lot of clients coming by. So I’m going to be without a phone for a while…
Now the funny part of this thing: I’m very bad at falling asleep and in the past year found out that podcasts help me to fall asleep. And you guessed it, I use my phone for listening to the podcasts. There’s also a beep happening every minute in my house, because one of the alarms is having a low battery and because I don’t have the key to the room and my landlord isn’t responding, I’ve been using music and podcasts to not go insane thanks to it… But I can’t use that now because I can’t use my phone. I was even thinking about venting on this on my main account, but because of the authenticator I placed on my own account. I couldn’t even vent on it on my main account. I LITERALLY LOCKED MYSELF OUT BECAUSE OF THAT AUTHENTICATOR.
At least this way, I won’t be annoying people with pictures of my art anymore :hrtjakelul: . Everything has already been going wrong again since the beginning of this year, so I shouldn’t be too surprised by this, right?
I also decided that I’m not going to just accept the fact that my landlord gave me 3 months to move out, but at least going to tell him that it’s legally not allowed and I’m extremely anxious for that. So that’s gonna be interesting too.
I don’t think that most people know about this, since I might’ve talked a little about it to some people, but not at all on this account, so I’m sorry about that… but since I locked myself out… :upside_down_face: Seriously… I’m such an idiot for doing that, lol… sorry for venting/whatever this is…


I had a phone battery do that. It was a replacement battery too. The original died, so I got a new one. That’s the one that exploded. Take the SIM card and if you have added an SD card, take it out also. Then put the phone someplace where it won’t catch something on fire if it decides to become a roman candle. I have a couple of old phones I can use for playing MP3’s and if I had to, make calls via FB messenger or Skype. The phone doesn’t need to be activated in order to use it like that. You can just use wifi.

It’s hard to fight a landlord. They have the money and lawyers to force their agenda. Then if you win, you’ll still have an enemy for a landlord. I’d like to think you’re going to end up in a happier situation away from that asshole. I suspect he’s wanting the smoke detector to bother you.

Back to the phone, the battery may destroy the phone. A replacement battery may not be available. I buy no contract Android phones, usually once every 3-5 years. My current one is a BLU F91 that I got from Amazon. It’s been great. It has 128gigs of internal storage, plus a SD slot for 256 more. It also has 8 gigs of RAM. I don’t talk much on it, but the battery usually lasts for a week. It costed $229.00 when I bought it, but it may be cheaper now.

You can also get a really cheap phone to carry you over till you can get a better one.

I actually decided to go with the “cheaper phone” option… I do need a smartphone, but I have one laying back at a shop now so I can pick it up tomorrow… it’s crazy how expensive phones have gotten, but this one was luckily still within the 200 euro pricerange… The Sim card was taken out last night already before I put it in a different room… I’m sorry for being difficult and annoying… and thanks for the response…


Hey how are you doing since your post? Gosh that’s so frustrating! I know I like to listen to white noise when I sleep, I bought a cheap little machine from eBay. Do you think something like that would help at all? Sometimes it’s just the calming background noise that helps, but I understand that the noise is different for people. I know I cannot sleep with music.

How did you go with your landlord?

You are not an idiot by any means! If I had a dollar for every password I have forgotten I’d probably retire haha! you are not annoying and I promise you have nothing to be sorry for! Life can be overwhelming and we all deserve space to be able to decompress from it!

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@ManekiNeko I’m alive. Most of the things have been taken care off now… With that I mean the phone part… I have been able to sleep again with podcasts on. Unfortunately a white noise machine doesn’t work for me, because it’s a lot of outdoor sounds that I wake up from so I kinda need to put something in my ears rn… maybe one day it’ll be better though…
I haven’t had the courage yet to set up the email to my landlord… I’m just terrified for that. Sorry…

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Oh sweet friend, I’m so sorry for all of the very frustrating things that have been going on for you over the last few months. I’m glad you have a phone to use again and I hope you are able to get the strength to email your landlord. I know this is a big concern for you and it’s very anxiety provoking for anyone going through that. It would be great to stay, but if you have to move - I hope the next apartment doesn’t have that ton of street noise come with it. Either way, I’m rooting for you and I’m here. You are loved my friend.

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