Venting or something like that

I’m gonna throw a TW for suicide, death of minors, use of the gay f word, and lgbt+ harassment.
Whether this is for my own closure or not I’m not really sure but it’s a weird day for me. Missing my friends Karma and Q today.
It’s World Suicide Prevention Day and each year this comes around I have a lot to think and talk about. It’s one of the few days where I am comfortable sharing a story of my best friend who unfortunately took her own life 02/13/17 or somewhere thereabouts. I ramble quite a bit here because it’s just how I work. She was just a kid, at the age of 14 she took her life. Her parents were not accepting and her brother called her a f-g on more than one occasion when we were chilling on discord and playing guitar. She was an incredible singer and she was learning guitar. She loved The White Stripes and Bob Dylan which are two very different artists and I always teased her about this. Her girlfriend took her own life a month prior. She was such a dork, always talking something nerdy or working on art. Both of them were artists and they were some of the best I’ve seen. Mixing their abstract art with each other, word can’t describe their talent. The kind of stress and lack of acceptance that goes on in any community on a day to day basis needs to stop.

My best friend could still be alive but her family was so evil to her that she felt she was alone. She wasn’t alone and neither are you. You may feel as if the whole world is against you, you may feel like you are just a waste here, or a burden. You are wanted, loved, and appreciated.

I don’t care what time it is, I don’t care what I’m doing, my messages are always open. You’re always welcomed to text me, need my number? I’ll send it to you in a message. The amount of people that feel so isolated and alone is too high. I will always be around for you.

Calling a hotline can feel so empty and careless but they do care. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t volunteer real time out of their day, time they can’t get back, to talk and help you. You are worth their time. The 24 hour national suicide hotline is 1-800-273-8255. Is it easier to text? Text HOME to 741741.

I don’t want sad reacts, I don’t want “im sorry that happened to you” I want change. I want you to be the person that someone could need one day and I want to make a change.

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I hope you are going strong, my man. Thank you for sharing.

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