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Venting out about why they think I'm a bad person

My dad yelled at me as I did ONE thing wrong. My brother yelled at me as I was asking what can I do to help, then got pissed off when I had to go take a breather, as I was starting to feel depressed and I was starting to cry. Oh wait, did they let me sit down? NOPE! I couldn’t even fucking take a breather, they made me keep working. I was CRYING and no one fucking asked me what the problem is. Not a Goddamn soul.

They wonder why I fucking hate life because all they ever do is cause extreme stress on me

They treat me like I am a BITCH and so I am one

Just a little vent and getting my true feelings out.

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I’m sorry to hear people have been yelling at you… that’s never a nice feeling, especially if it’s coming from relatives or loved ones.
I’m not exactly sure what happened, but it sounds like it was a stressful situation for you. And you coming here to vent is a healthy step! We are all here to listen and support you through this.
Feel free to reply or message. Hope you’re feeling better.
Sending well wishes.


I am so sorry @DarianDaOtter that is really hard. Being yelled at and dismissed while you are having a tough time is a terrible situation. Thank you for sharing about your experiences, I hope today you are taking care of yourself :hrtlegolove:

I’m really sorry you were treated like this, @DarianDaOtter. That’s not fair. How you feel matters and you don’t deserve to be dismissed like that, especially when you’re having a hard time. Their reaction should have been different.

The way you are treated by someone else doesn’t define you, friend. No matter who this person is and how much you care about them. You are you. You’re a human being. You go through positive and tough seasons in your life. It’s okay to feel, to say it, to express it.

I understand how this situation was really stressful to you, and I hope you managed to get some rest during the past couple of days. Hope you have some space to breathe and let this pressure off your chest. Even if it means to cry, it’s okay.

Take care Darian. You are loved. :heart:

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