Very stressed about psych ward appointment

yeah, it’s basically the title-

today (it’s 1am for me), i have an appointment at a psych ward to see if i might be going there in the near future. but it’s stressing me out so much, i am too terrified to go to sleep.

my parents kept talking to me as if it was official already, i’d be going. my plans for summer all got thrown out the window and a trip with my best friends, that i was looking forward to, got cancelled because of it.

i’m highly afraid my parents will he super convinced of it and in case i am not, they’ll try to guilt me into going. it happened before with psychologists they wanted me to go to, but that i didn’t like.
i know how to stand up for myself, but i’m not keen on fighting with them. because i know that’ll happen, if i cannot see myself going to the psych ward but they can.

i know it’s like- an option to finally get better, but the thought of it stresses me out so much. i hate it.

and tomorrow i have another appointment for taking blood (is that how you say it in English??) and since i’m lowkey scared of needles, it’s all adding to the stress.


Sounds like your schedule and plans for the summer are already out of sorts. This may sound strange, but don’t be afraid of your fear. Face it. Ask yourself what’s the worst thing that can happen if you spend some time as an inpatient. Psych wards have a lot invested in getting patients back out of their facility as soon as possible. It tends to be embarrassing for them to have someone hanging around in the ward for too long.

One very good thing about going there is that it gives you an opportunity to change habits, as it helps shift your mind away from thought patterns that have proven not to be helpful.

I have drawn blood from patients thousands of times and I have given blood hundreds of times. The experience is not a big deal, anticipation is the biggest problem. I usually look away when the needle is about to go in. Doing a blood test is important, as blood chemistry can affect moods and cognition. Thyroid function is a significant factor.

Don’t put off taking the necessary steps to get better, as it will become more difficult the longer you wait.

I worked at a psych ward for a while. From what I could tell, the main reason for anxiety was not knowing what to expect. Keep in mind, they do want you to get better. I think the most tedious thing is temporary loss of freedom.

On the other side of the experience, and all goes well, it’s likely that you will see more options for your future, and feel a greater sense of freedom and self-direction.


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