Very suicidal and alone

what do you do when you are suicidal and can’t do anything? I’m really tired. I don’t want to cope anymore I’m tired of coping. What do I do? I don’t have a support system here physically and its scary. I don’t know what to do please help. I’m just tired you know? and the thoguhts keep getting worse and its hard to fight them I’m tired of fighting them. what do I do? what am I supposed to do?

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hey Andrea, im so sorry you’re going through with this rough situation. If you dont have a physical support system, please keep coming back here to talk to us! You are ALWAYS welcome to open up here.

Thank you for posting.
I understand this on a level I wish no one would ever know.
I don’t have a support system around me either. I have attempted suicide many times without anyone ever finding out and I live with my parents…
Take yourself to a public place, reach out to the community like you did this time.

You’re not hopeless. You can get through it.

Hold Fast

hey @anon10784342 ,
With having thoughts like these , its scary . With doing the best you can . you said you dont have a support system, have you tried reaching out to a counselor/therapist? They are here to help With the thoughts i know how it is tbh. you are not alone ive had thoughts because of a dream i had just know I here fighting with you.
Also . i can somewhat relate to this topic , awhile ago i was helping a friend because they were having a low and right after they were good i fell asleep i dreamed about suicide the next day i felt absolutely triggered because it brought me back to a low but after the low , i knew i had community that will fight with me that i knew people cared about me . SO i know how hard it is to get out of this feeling .

I think what keeps me going is something to look forward to. I guess that’s why I focus so much on going to as many dance events as possible. I know that my dance community is a place where I feel like I can thrive, not just cope.


You do just what you are doing now…

Reach out, ask for support and let those around you, including us, to help carry your load until it lightens enough for you to handle it on your own. There is no amount of time or help that you need… It just is as it is.

If you are able to take some time for yourself, do so.

Use whatever resources you have available… therapy, your doctor, school counselor, crisis line, family, friends, helpful places like this… Use them all!

If you are in the US and insurance is an issue, try local colleges who have psychology/therapy courses to see if they offer therapy. Often colleges with these courses have a sort of internship for students where they interact with the public giving therapy for a reduce cost or even free.

It may be possible to get a short term paid break from work, if you have been there long enough to qualify… If not, use your days off and off time to do self care. It doesn’t have to be anything big, maybe reading a book in a space that you love… or if reading isn’t your thing, writing, daydreaming, listening or playing music, walking, yoga, meditation, coloring, painting… whatever allows you to express yourself in a peaceful way so that you are able to just be with you.

You matter.

Hey Andrea,
Thank you so much for sharing.
I think reaching out here is a great first step. I want you to know that there is hope. It might be helpful to take a rest, give your brain a chance to reset and regroup before you start to tackle your feelings. Its completely understandable that you’re tired. Give yourself space to take a break, but don’t give up. You’re worth it<3

Much Love,

Andrea, you are not alone! You’re taking the right step in posting it here and reach out to everyone. Try to write your thoughts out on paper, that you either keep or throw away. The words will leave your mind and come out onto the paper and physically leave your body. It might help. sending lots of love xo


hi andrea, you not alone

Writing helps me. Sometimes it takes whatever thoughts are on my mind and it stays on the paper. Not always, but sometimes. Can be helpful.


@anon10784342 Here is our response from our Twitch Stream:


hi friend,
I wanna thank you for sharing. I wanna thank you for trying your hardest. I wanna thank you for not giving up. I understand that you’re tired and it seems like nothing is worth it anymore. but friend, you are loved. we believe in you and we are here to comfort and encourage you. your past doesn’t define you. the mistake you’ve made don’t define you. YOU are STRONG. it’s okay to be sad, tired, overwhelmed. it’s okay to cry, be angry, scream. it’s okay. I just wanna let you know that you aren’t alone in this. I wanna encourage you to try journaling. sometimes getting what you’re thinking onto paper can help you clear your head and make sense of things. friend, you don’t deserve to struggle with this alone. we are here for you.i know it’s hard to not have a support system physically there with you, but please know that we believe in you and we are here to listen: )
stay strong


See a consultant doctor Samaritans family a friend- I tried suicide last night I told the truth on this site and mods took my post down I’m in UK near London I’ve no money just out of hospital I attempted suicide last night - try

  • mix with friends , or family I have no family my dad committed suicide I was 15 pregnant and gave birth same day . I do not drink drug gamble either so it temping not to I won’t though .

Bless you I feel the same , your post is so similar to mine / however mine taken down ?? The ppl on hear are so sweet and lovely the mods … I shall say nothing rude I spoke my truth they iced the cake for me - 28 stitches in my arm 22 years with alen my bf whim has ptsd and heart disease I been his career so long now a break up - I cannot cope all I did was tell the truth on here many ppl talked saying they felt the same . If you feel that bad don’t let ppl mods did to me - I feel that was the iced cake - we live in the real world it’s not a nice place sometimes others great I have so many stitches in my arm I’d up load it and the mods on here made me feel way worse - it was my truth - I not some dumb troll I hurting and then that … thought empathy would be understood. Now in bed crying so hard I tried mindfulness, therapy, meditation, meds , I cannot cope then ppl were reaching out which helped & they take my post down . I feel hurt my them now too .

Hey @Luce I’m sorry about your situation, but the reason your post was taken down was because you were basically encouraging a person to give up and that’s not okay. Also, blaming the mods here for you self harming is also, not okay.

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Hello friend,
Thank you for sharing. We here would love to be your support system as best we can. We hear would love to be able to talk about how you are doing and what you are currently feeling.

How are you doing today?

With love, Travis

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