⭐ Volunteer as a Forum Replier

:swat_icon: Join a Support Wall Action Team (SWAT)

Heartsupport has teams of forum volunteers that meet weekly on Discord. They rally together to reply to people who ask for help on the Support Wall and write replies to them.

These groups are an opportunity to make our community stronger, to support the conversations about mental health, and to help people in the music scene.

:mortar_board: Get Trained to Make a Difference

Join a team of people who share the same passion of helping people. Together you make sure that no fellow fan struggles alone. We train you to write amazing replies while you meet with your team.

:white_check_mark: Easy to Sign Up

It takes about 3 minutes to sign up for a team through this form. We immediately send you online training that you can do at your own pace, and then we connect you to your team based on your availability.

How much time does it require?

Each Volunteer Replier aims to write a total of 100 supportive replies to graduate from the program.
This represents 7-8 hours a month during approximatively 6 months, renewable after graduating.
We expect for you to dedicate 1-2h a week writing replies to others/attend team meetings.

Am I qualified?

Anyone can join, regardless of your background or experience! We will train you before you start, and we will support you with two workshops every month to learn new tools and get hands-on coaching.

Is this the best thing for me to do?

It’s hard to think of anything better than investing in people. There’s a unique feeling you get when you know your words just reached someone who needs it. It’s deeply rewarding work, and if you ask us, it’s absolutely worth it.

Apply > here < today!

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