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I have a lot of trouble sleeping which messes with my moods a lot. The other day I didn’t get a lot of sleep and had a bad day and needed a friend or some encouragement and I was by myself and stuck with my own negative thoughts all day and it sucked

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Everyone has bad days. Some days I reach out to people and open up, other days I feel like a burden, and like no one wants to hear my problems. Find ways to get yourself out of your bad moods. Focus on the good things, reach out to people you trust, and find ways to calm yourself down. Some days, it makes me feel better if I can just dwell on the stress and bad days. Crying helps sometimes. It’s almost a relieving feeling.
But hopefully, eventually those feelings go away for you, and it’s easier to be happy and recognize the good things.

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I understand. My sleep schedule has been in such a funk and if really effects my days and energy levels. Anxiety and pain are usually what keep me up. It’s been a battle trying to re-adjust.

You are not alone my friend. I hope you are able to find some rest so you can feel better! Be and you both!

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