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Feel alone when at home, as my wife is away at times.

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As someone who was a military spouse for 13 years, I can relate to the loneliness and feeling alone in a marriage where your spouse is away a lot. It can be very hard.

To help feel better in these times I would focus on things I enjoy. For me, my art is my passion. So I would work on creative projects. Iā€™d hang with healthy friends who could help distract me and keep me busy.

What sort of things do you enjoy and make you feel good?

I imagine it would be very difficult to have you spouse be away from you a lot. I would encourage you to try to spend a lot fo time with family and friends, let them know you are struggling with loneliness in these times. Maybe there is a community of people who can help you get through these times, like a church or people with similar life styles.

Being away from loved ones can be really hard. Long distance, for example, is very challenging, but not impossible. Try starting new hobbies, or re-descovering old ones.