Wage War_fan 217

The past few weeks I’ve been feeling alone I don’t hang out with a lot of people and tend to stick to myself and music and look at inspiration From my kid and friends and it keeps me going everyday bringing smiles to peoples faces through music no matter how bad I’m feeling


I’m sorry you have been feeling alone. But I am glad that you are surrounded by things you love and enjoy. Music is a great source for an outlet. I hope you are able to continue to find happiness in things that you enjoy. But I also hope you are able to find someone you can reach out to who will help you feel less alone. I see you. I hear you.

  • Kitty

Sorry to hear that you’re feeling alone. Thanks for reaching out on here. It’s great that you’re using music to help you in this time, music is so helpful! Sounds like you have kids and friends who are there for you and that’s awesome!