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I felt really alone when I first moved to a new state to start my Masters degree

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Making new moves is always hard! As a previous military spouse of 13 years, I often was moved to new and strange states away from everything and everyone I knew. It was a challenge as I don’t adjust and adapt well to change. I moved to a new state in 2016 to start my life over and leave a toxic relationship and it took me till this year and last to really begin to build friendships and be more active.

It takes time and is hard. But I hope you are able to settle in and find lots of people to build a healthy social circle.

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Moving to a new place is always hard. I moved half way across the country when I went to college and it was terrifying to me. But I quickly discovered that most people I met were pretty friendly. I think that when you move to a new college that everyone there is kind of experiencing the same feeling. I would just encourage you to talk to the people in your classes. Thats how I made friends at my school.:slight_smile: also, best of luck on your masters!!!