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Wage War_fan 227

I don’t know man. Just life’s really weighing on me. Too many people are dying.


It’s true. There are too many deaths around us. Suicides. Mass shootings. It’s so awful. Inhumane conditions in detention centers. It’s a sad sad thing.

I’m sorry that it’s weighing so hard on you. :frowning:

It weighs on me too and often makes me feel helpless. But I try my best to make a difference where I can. Even if it’s just helping someone smile. Or making a vote to make a difference in our country. Or advocating for what’s right.

Much love to you friend. There is a lot of sadness in our world but there is also a lot of good. And there are little things we can do that DO make a big difference.

Much love

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I feel you. I have lost too many people and it hurts. For me I will always remember them and continue living for them. When it gets to much reach out we can get through this together.

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