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I suffer from bipolar depression amongst other mental health issues and I can’t ever seem to get anything done. No matter how hard I try, my motivation is severely lacking. Even showering is a hard task to accomplish for me.

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Oh my gosh I so understand! I was diagnosed with PTSD, BPD and ADHD In the last couple years. Like you I have struggled a long time with finding motivation, energy and the mental stamina to get out of bed, let alone shower and do normal day to day things.

I eventually had to seek out therapy and get a psychiatrist that helped me find medications that helped balance my moods and my energy. It helped so much.

Now that I don’t have my insurance anymore, I don’t gave my therapy or treatment and it has been hard to self maintain that energy and mental stamina. It’s a process. It’s a challenge. But it’s possible. You are not alone my friend. I hear you. I see you.

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MAN I relate so much to this.
I have found just pushing hard at things to get accomplish really helps me get things done… I personally struggle with ADHD and a few other things. You are not alone in this friend. You will get better at this. No it will not change in one day it will take time to. You will get better!

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