Walked through some of my trauma

Hi friends. my friend walked me through trauma and what happened and it actually worked. whenever i would get scared or have a flashback he would ground me and ensure i was ok. i think having someone that i trusted a lot while i was going through my trauma and while i was having flashbacks made my trauma and flashbacks not as scary anymore. i am not as scared of my trauma and of my flashbacks. The flashbacks are still happening but if they’re not that bad, I can still remember his voice grounding me. I can see how therapy helps people get through their trauma and PTSD, but I don’t think I would ever be able to get close enough and trust a random person as much as I trust my friend. I don’t like the thought of opening up to strangers, I would rather talk to my friends in a laidback situation and talk whenever we want to and not have designated times or certain rules and stuff

I think it’s amazing that you were able to find a friend who could be such a great help for you! How wonderful. Not everyone has that, so that’s really cool.

I know getting to know therapists can be hard. I fought the idea for years and refused. It can take time to find the right one, but having someone that is a safe place that you can just dump your feelings to us such a huge relief mentally and emotionally. Yes it takes time to build a relationship, but if you share with them what you had with your friend and are honest with what you are feeling, you may find that they may be more helpful that you thought!

It’s nice sometimes to have a safe place outside of friends and family that you can just be raw too. Where there is no judgement. And if you just need them to listen and not give you advice, just let them know. Just say “hey, right now I just need you to hear me out. That would be more helpful right in this moment” and they will listen. Just gotta let them know what you need.

I hope you continue to find peace and comfort in your friend and maybe someone new :heart:

I’m so glad to hear that! I know how hard working through trauma can be so that fact that you have been able to utilize coping methods that have helped you not be as afraid is truly wonderful!! I understand not being super thrilled about the idea of talking about such personal things with a stranger, but although therapists are strangers at first, they work with you to build trust so that you do feel like you can talk openly with them. Like DearKoyangi said, it is nice to have an unbiased person to talk with and get other suggestions and resources from. Regardless of what whether or not you decide to try therapy, I think the progress you have made is wonderful and worth celebrating!!! So proud of you!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes